Recruit PKB: Verbal vs. NLI

Over the last two weeks, I posted the definitions of a verbal agreement and the National Letter of Intent. This week I wanted to do a comparison of the two to better explain how they relate to the recruiting process. Continue reading Recruit PKB: Verbal vs. NLI

Recruit PKB: What is a Verbal Commitment?

Stay tuned for a full blog about verbal commitments next week…..

RecruitPKB: Researching Schools Video

This week you can check out the RecruitPKB article in this VIDEO.

RecruitPKB: Questions to Ask Yourself

Recruit PKB

As many players begin to make their final college decision I wanted to address some questions that are very important to ask yourself to ensure you find the right fit. It’s really easy to get wrapped up in the glitz Continue reading RecruitPKB: Questions to Ask Yourself

RecruitPKB: 12 Habits of a Successful Jr Golfer

There are a lot of qualities and characteristics that a junior golfer needs to possess beyond their golf scores in order to be successful both on and off the golf course. These are 12 that I consider to be the Continue reading RecruitPKB: 12 Habits of a Successful Jr Golfer

RecruitPKB: Love Yourself

As I am sure everyone was aware, this past week was all about LOVE! And while Valentine’s Day is more about showing your love to others, I wanted to take the chance to remind you about the importance of loving Continue reading RecruitPKB: Love Yourself

RecruitPKB: Are Scholarships Negotiable?

I was asked this question last week about whether or not scholarships are negotiable so I thought it was a good topic to address to those who may be curious about this question. I have faced it numerous times working Continue reading RecruitPKB: Are Scholarships Negotiable?

RecruitPKB: How to say I am not interested

I’ve had this question asked several times by players over the years and again this past week it was brought up by one of my girls, “how do I tell a coach that I am not interested?”. ┬áThis may be Continue reading RecruitPKB: How to say I am not interested

RecruitPKB: Bring on 2017

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, holiday season, and a Happy New Year. I know I sure did! I was able to spend a lot of time with my families and friends, ate way too much good food and Continue reading RecruitPKB: Bring on 2017