RecruitPKB: How to say I am not interested

I've had this question asked several times by players over the years and again recently it was brought up as many  2023 recruits have been making their decisions, "how do I tell a coach that I am not interested?".  This may be a question you face at different stages of communication with a coach so I wanted to address a couple of scenarios and give you some insight into how I have my players address this topic. If you receive an initial email from a coach at a school that you know you would not attend no matter what, it is still common courtesy to send a reply back. Even if your resume is much stronger than the girls who play for that program, NEVER think you are better than the players, the school, or the coach. We have all been at different stages in our games, we [...]

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RecruitPKB: 50 or More Initial Emails

I recently had a discussion about the number of schools a recruit should contact. Typically when a player shows me a list of 20-30 schools, the majority, if not all of them are unrealistic for the given recruiting timeline. While I am an advocate for having big goals that you have to work hard to achieve and reaching out to some dream schools, you have to be cautious about what percentage of dream schools vs realistic schools you have on your list. This not only leads to a lack of coach responses and interest, but it also creates a lot of anxiety and a decrease in confidence. In my recruiting content, I always say to contact 50+ schools but as with most parts of this process that is dependent on many factors. The reason I use that number is for the average player who is doing this [...]

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RecruitPKB: Stress of the Process

"I was playing decent before I was talking to coaches. And when I started talking to them my scores went higher. I feel really stressed." - Junior Golfer In many ways, this is almost inevitable. No matter when you start the process, there is almost always going to be a shift in your mentality and expectations. Even if you have big goals of playing college golf at an early age, it’s difficult to avoid the added stress and pressure that the actual recruiting process can place on you. It is meant to be a learning, challenging, uncomfortable process that helps you decide a big piece of your future. For some recruits, the stress isn’t seen as much in their actual games bc they were able to get over stages of development prior to the process starting for them. For them, the stress may come more in the [...]

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RecruitPKB: It’s Decision Making Season

As the time of year when both seniors and juniors are making their college decisions, I wanted to talk a little about the battle between this being the player's decision but also knowing what may be best for her in the future that she just can't see at the moment. One of the toughest parts about this process is the desire many girls have to attend a highly ranked academic school and/or big athletic program, but their golf resume just not being strong enough for those particular schools. While there are scholarships that do go unused, when it comes to a certain "type" of school, there just aren't enough spots for the number of girls who want them. So the decision sometimes comes down to attending the school she desires without playing golf vs attending the less desirable school with the golf program that fits. And in [...]

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RecruitPKB: What To Do After A Coach Watches You Play

  This week I want to share some tips on what to do after a coach has come out to watch you play. Some of these are relative to where you are in the process with that particular coach but it should give you an idea of things you can do if you know the coach was watching you play. Give them a call. If it is past June 15th prior to junior year, you can give them a call after they came out to watch you play. You may not reach them and get a chance to talk with them but it's a great time to call and get some feedback on what they saw of your game while it's fresh on their mind. You can also give them insight into your game and how you felt about your play which can make a huge difference [...]

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RecruitPKB: Social Media Influence

Through this series, I have encouraged and educated you on how to use social media as a valuable tool in the recruiting process but I wouldn't feel like I am doing my job if I don't touch on the bigger picture aspect of social media and it's influence on young girls. Stop for a minute and think about the types of accounts you follow. Do they inspire you? Do they provide valuable insight into areas that are connected to your goals? Do they make you happy? Are they motivational in a positive way? Are they a true reflection of your values? Or do they make you feel not good enough? Do they make you feel envious or jealous? Do they motivate you in a negative way? Do they encourage you to devalue your beliefs about yourself? Do they include inappropriate language and images? Social media can [...]

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RecruitPKB: Interact and Engage on Social Media

So far we have talked about whether social media is necessary, privacy settings, golf-specific accounts, and what to post and not to post in regards to using social media as a recruiting tool. This week we are going to discuss how to best interact and engage with the college golf program accounts. While there is a double edge sword to not wanting to encourage a young athlete to spend more time on their phone or be caught up in the social media world, there is no doubt that social media is more and more becoming a vital part of the college recruiting process. If you aren't comfortable using it as a recruiting tool for yourself, then I do at least recommend trying to keep up with the college golf program's accounts. This is a great way to keep up with what they are doing and learn [...]

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RecruitPKB: What to Post and What Not to Post

We are going to dive in a little deeper with social media and it's purpose in the recruiting process. This week we tackle "What should I post and what should I not post on social media?". Clearly there are some obvious answers to this question, but it still seems that many young athletes don't always think before posting. Now as with many parts of this process I don't recommend you pretend to be someone you aren't on social media or when talking to coaches. They need to see the real you, because if not, within a few weeks of being on campus they are going to get the real you. But when it comes to social media always remember that what you put out there will always be out there, no matter if it gets deleted or it's on someone else's feed or account. So any [...]

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RecruitPKB: Multiple Social Media Accounts

This week we are tackling privacy settings and having multiple social media accounts to use for recruiting purposes. For security reasons, it is perfectly ok to have your social media accounts set to private, just make sure you accept any follow requests from college coaches. If you choose to have a golf specific account that is totally fine and can be a great addition to your recruiting profile. It can be a great way to keep coaches up to date on your progress, just be sure you keep the amount of times you share and post to an acceptable amount. You can share your tournament results and thoughts, some insights on your practice time, drills, lessons, workouts, travel, etc. Keep it humble but this is also a way to show your love and commitment to playing golf and competing. If you don't feel comfortable sharing this [...]

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RecruitPKB: Is Social Media Necessary in Recruiting

For most people, social media has become a way of life. It's how we get our news, stay in touch with friends and family, shop, build a business, and much more. And in the recruiting process, it's a way to help maximize your efforts for finding a college golf home. In the next few articles we will cover the ways to use social media and the ways not to use social media as a prospective student athlete. But first, I want to address the question, is it necessary? No, it's not necessary, because in this world of too much screentime, oversharing, and inappropriate content I want to make sure no one feels like they have to use social media. If you aren't comfortable as a kid or young adult (or as the parent of a kid or young adult) using social media, then do not feel [...]

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