RecruitPKB: Full Article on Demanding College Majors and Golf

After a few weeks of research and tracking down insight from many of the college golf coaches and a few college golfers, I put together a full article on "The Impact of Your Desired Degree and Your Goal of Playing College Golf." You can read the full article HERE Written by: Brandi Jackson, RecruitPKB College Consultant For more information about college recruiting, please contact Brandi at

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RecruitPKB: IGTV: Demanding College Majors and Golf

Last week I shared some of the college coach's feedback about demanding majors and their impact on playing college golf. I took to IGTV to clarify some things and give a bit more insight and perspective on this subject and why it's so important to consider. IGTV EPISODE Written by: Brandi Jackson, RecruitPKB College Consultant For more information about college recruiting, please contact Brandi at

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RecruitPKB: Demanding College Majors and Golf

I recently dove into more research and insight on players wanting to pursue certain majors in college that have a tendency to conflict with golf schedules and coach preferences. I've got quite a bit to share so I'll start this week with some of the coaches feedback. Keep in mind, that these particular responses are from some of the most elite DI programs (all are top 100 ranked DI prograams) where the golf demand is very tough, along with some demanding academic schools included in these responses. I started with this group of coaches/programs just to shed some light on those elite programs that many girls dream of attending. As much as many girls want to overachieve and “do it all”, sometimes it’s just not that simple. I’ll be sharing more coach and player responses plus data on programs across all divisions as this was just a [...]

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RecruitPKB: Top 125 DI Collegiate Averages

While this process has a great deal of subjectivity to it, I've come to appreciate data and numbers more over the years. This is a chart compiled of the average scores for the 2021-2022 season of the top 125 DI programs (through the end of March). This shows the scores of the 4 players who count for each tournament. Typically collegiate tournaments at this level are played from approximately 6000-6200 yards in fall, later winter, and early spring conditions. Many times you will hear a coach say they are trying to recruit in order to replace their #2 or #3 players on the team, this is how they get better from one year to another. Yes, many times by the end of the process some coaches won't get that caliber of player, or may only get one and have to take more of a chance on the [...]

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RecruitPKB: More Than Your Score

"MORE THAN YOUR SCORE" Never forget that you are better, bigger, brighter, and bolder than your score. Your score is just.... a number. a tally of golf shots. a total of drives, GIRs, up and downs, and putts. You are the sum of... all the hard work, dedication, and commitment to getting better all the hours practicing by yourself all the late nights studying all the effort in the gym all the putting drills till dark all the range balls till your hands hurt all the tournaments, practice rounds, long car drives, and weather delays all the wins and losses all the friends made You are more than your score   If you need any assistance please contact Recruit PKB College Recruiting Consultant Brandi Jackson at

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RecruitPKB: Scholarship Offers

If you want to have dream schools on your list that is completely ok, I love to see a female golfer willing to work hard to play at the highest level possible. But especially if scholarship money is a top priority, then you need to focus most of your time and energy on the realistic schools where you are #1 or #2 on their list. If you only focus on your dream schools where you are on the coach's “interested” list then you will find yourself missing opportunities at great schools and programs where you may receive offers earlier. Scholarship money is not as abundant as many are led to believe so be sure you give yourself the opportunity to earn scholarship money by being realistic with the schools you focus on.   Written by: Brandi Jackson, RecruitPKB College Consultant For more information about college recruiting, please contact Brandi at

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RecruitPKB: Tournament Schedule Insight

I often get asked advice on which tournaments/tours and how many tournaments a junior golfer should play. I wanted to share some of my advice on why this isn't a question that has a simple answer. There is not a "one size fits all" plan when it comes to tournament scheduling because all players have different goals, expectations, resume, family demands, priorities, and financial means that determine what a tourney schedule should look like. A few factors that dictate variations in tournament schedules include (but are not limited to): A player's goals for playing college golf and her current tournament resume will dictate the quality and quantity of playing in tournaments. Some top-ranked players may opt for a multi-day national-level event over playing 2 state-level tournaments so that player may actually play fewer tournaments. But a player still building a resume who doesn't qualify for bigger [...]

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RecruitPKB: 50 or More Initial Emails

I recently had a discussion about the number of schools a recruit should contact. Typically when a player shows me a list of 20-30 schools, the majority, if not all of them are unrealistic for the given recruiting timeline. While I am an advocate for having big goals that you have to work hard to achieve and reaching out to some dream schools, you have to be cautious about what percentage of dream schools vs realistic schools you have on your list. This not only leads to a lack of coach responses and interest, but it also creates a lot of anxiety and a decrease in confidence. In my recruiting content, I always say to contact 50+ schools but as with most parts of this process that is dependent on many factors. The reason I use that number is for the average player who is doing this [...]

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RecruitPKB: Stress of the Process

"I was playing decent before I was talking to coaches. And when I started talking to them my scores went higher. I feel really stressed." - Junior Golfer In many ways, this is almost inevitable. No matter when you start the process, there is almost always going to be a shift in your mentality and expectations. Even if you have big goals of playing college golf at an early age, it’s difficult to avoid the added stress and pressure that the actual recruiting process can place on you. It is meant to be a learning, challenging, uncomfortable process that helps you decide a big piece of your future. For some recruits, the stress isn’t seen as much in their actual games bc they were able to get over stages of development prior to the process starting for them. For them, the stress may come more in the [...]

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RecruitPKB: Why Won’t The Coach Reply?

First, we are going to assume the NCAA rules allow the coach to respond (current 2022 and 2023 recruits). Once that is established there are several reasons why you may not get responses with the most common usually being that you aren’t being realistic with the strength of the golf program. But here are a few reasons why the coach may not be responding to your attempted to contact them: 1. The golf program isn’t realistic for your resume 2. Your academics aren’t strong enough for the school 3. It was a poorly written intro email 4. Your resume doesn’t have all the necessary info 5. They are done with your recruiting class 6. They are busy and just not focused on recruiting 7. They just simply aren’t interested or not seeking out new prospects I know it’s very frustrating to not receive responses back from [...]

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