Parents have been told over and over that they should allow their children to take the initiative with the recruiting process. While this is true, it has caused many parents to believe that they should never interact with the coaches during the process. However, there comes a time during the process when the parents need to be included. Some coaches don’t want to interact with the parents while others may want to build a good relationship with the parents.

Parents do need to be involved as the offers are giving and it’s closer to decision making time, especially when the topic of money is discussed. Parents will have to be honest with their child and coach about the amount of scholarship they will need in order to get their child to that school. This is certainly an acceptable conversation for the parent and coach to have before any decision is made.

Also, a parent may want to discuss the housing situation or safety with the coach before feeling comfortable sending their child to that school. Parents should not be scared to have conversations with college coaches, just make sure you keep it to a minimum and don’t take over the process from your daughter.

Brandi Jackson

RecruitPKB College Consultant

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