Based on the timing of the NCAA rules, with the COVID dead period recently ending, you will need to schedule and take visits so that you can meet with the coaches and get a chance to see if it’s going to be a good fit. While visits, especially official visits, are more often being offered on the coaches’ end, you can still request to take an unofficial visit.

Be prepared for your visits if you are meeting with the coach. Use the research you did before to have topics of discussion. Be sure you are up to date on how the team played this past season. Make sure you have questions to ask and that you are prepared for any questions you may get asked. Get to know the coach as much as possible. Be observant and attentive.

Be gracious and courteous. Say thank you. Sit up straight. Make good eye contact. Give a firm handshake. Be confident. Smile. Don’t let your parents do all of the talking.

If it’s still early in the process don’t hesitate to schedule an academic tour so that you’ll know how you feel about the school. This will save you a lot of time later in the process.

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