“Golf is the one sport that doesn’t give you what you ‘think you deserve’.” – Danielle Kang

In consulting young female golfers who are extremely hard-working, intelligent, and disciplined I see their struggles with expectations and perfectionism on the golf course. So many of these young ladies have the mentality that when you study hard you expect to get good grades, therefore if you work hard at golf you expect to have good scores.

And while yes, hard work and good golf scores do go hand in hand, that mentality of expectation with academics doesn’t exactly work the same with your golf game. And when that mentality takes over a young golfer’s mind it is extremely difficult for them to adjust, relax, and allow things to happen once they struggle in a golf tourney. Hard work needs to build trust – not expectation.

I am no golf psychologist or mental coach (there are some great ones out there tho ☺️), so to give you the proper tools or steps to adjust this mentality would be out of my wheelhouse. But hopefully, the awareness of this mentality will help you begin to adjust your way of having the same expectations about your golf scores as you do about your test scores.