Create a resume. Seems pretty simple right?


It’s amazing how many resumes I’ve seen that are difficult to read, hard to access and don’t contain the information a coach needs to begin their initial assessment of you as a potential recruit. I’ve had players send me resumes that don’t even include a single tourney score.

There are several ways to format resumes that are all acceptable – document, personal website, an online resume service. For the most part, a coach doesn’t care about the format you use, they just need it to be accessible, easy to read, organized, and contain the information they need to see.

At a minimum include:
✔️ Name and grad year
✔️ Picture
✔️ Personal contact info
✔️ Tourney results in a nice format that is easy to follow
✔️ Stats/Ranking
✔️ Academics
✔️ Extracurricular activities
✔️ Awards and accolades (golf, academic, others)
✔️ Volunteer work
✔️ Contact info of your swing, high school coach and parents
✔️ Recruiting video
✔️ Upcoming schedule (if available)

You may only have one chance to capture their attention, if they can’t find what they need they may move on without spending time searching.


Written by: Brandi Jackson, RecruitPKB College Consultant

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