It’s never too early to research schools and golf programs. This will give you an idea of what it takes to play for those programs so you can set goals and get to work!

Sites like and are both great ways to learn more about the golf programs! You can also check out the team and school websites for both academic and athletic information. And of course, their social media!

And when looking at the current players’ scores remember a few things… courses are longer, tougher, and played in fall and spring only and it’s a higher level of pressure and demand that college players are under so scores aren’t exactly reflective of their junior golf days.

Also, don’t compare yourself to the 5th player on the team to see what is realistic, coaches are trying to make the team better, which means they need to replace their 2nd and 3rd position players. They will aim as high as possible for as long as possible to get the best players they can to improve the team.

So do the research, start to figure out your likes and dislikes, get an idea where you fit in, and keep some dream schools (especially if it’s still early in the process), but focus on what fits you, your game, and your expectations.


Written by: Brandi Jackson, RecruitPKB College Consultant

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