RecruitPKB: Parent Role and the Coaches

//RecruitPKB: Parent Role and the Coaches

RecruitPKB: Parent Role and the Coaches

This week’s “Parent Role in the College Recruiting Process” will cover a parent’s role with college coaches. The relationship a parent builds with a college coach through the process can have a major influence on the coach’s decision. Below are a few areas to be aware of as a parent so that you as well can make the best impression on your daughter’s future coach.
Say hi to coaches at tournaments but don’t approach them: Because recruiting rules can vary depending on a player’s grad year, always stick to the side of caution when you see a coach at tournaments. Be friendly and say hi but try to allow them to begin a conversation if they choose to. Some coaches are more talkative and will carry on conversations with parents, others just want to be left to themselves so they can watch the players and evaluate. The same rules that apply to player and coach contact, also apply to parents and coaches.
Never email coaches as your junior golfer or for your junior golfer:  Initial contact with a coach MUST come from the player and not the parent. There are some points in the process that it is OK for a parent to email a coach but the more you allow your daughter to do the communicating and question asking, the better the process will go. Never email the coach “as” your daughter because eventually, a coach will catch on to the difference in wording and tone. Coaches want to know that the player is serious about playing in college and willing to do the work themselves to find the right fit. When parents do all of the emailing and corresponding, a coach will wonder if the player is truly serious about playing in college. They need to get to know the player and they want to see that a player is responsible enough to reply to emails, maintain communication and keep them up to date.
Coaches do want to hear from parents but limit what you call a coach to talk about: Coaches need and want to get to know the parents through the process as well but don’t take advantage of a coaches time and bother them with repeated phone calls unless it is important. Limit when and why you call a coach. Some of the more serious topics such as financial aid, timelines, and expectations of your daughter playing for that coach are some topics that coaches will want to discuss with parents. You want to develop a good relationship with the coach, keeping open and honest communication, just keep in mind they have very busy schedules.

“Parents behavior has a huge influence. If the parent is overbearing, they will probably be interfering with the coaching. The student is the one being recruited and should speak up on the visits. Parents have a tendency to answer questions for the student and this is a red flag to coaches.” – Division 1 Women’s Coach

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