Based on a survey I conducted to coaches these were the results on whether to send your resume or questionnaire:

Both: 54%
Resume Only: 38%
Either: 8%
Questionnaire Only: 0%

So I think the evidence is pretty clear, at a minimum the resume is a must over just filling out the questionnaire. And if you’re really interested, it’s probably a good idea to fill out both!

Many times a player’s resume does not include all that a coach needs to see so they may automatically default you to fill out the questionnaire to make sure you give them the info needed to properly evaluate you. So if they request that or you find it online, take the time to fill it out, along with sending a good quality resume and a well-written intro email.


If you need any assistance with developing your resume or contacting coaches please contact Recruit PKB College Recruiting Consultant Brandi Jackson at