RecruitPKB: Team Roster

//RecruitPKB: Team Roster

RecruitPKB: Team Roster

Seems pretty easy but it’s surprising how little a recruit pays attention to the team roster. Here are a few tips on what to look for:
🔹 How many players are on the roster?
🔹 How many seniors would leave the year before you would join the team?
🔹 Did those seniors contribute to the team?
🔹 Are there international players on the team?
🔹 If so, what percentage of the team is international?
🔹 Are there more in-state or out of state players on the team?
🔹 What are the other junior golf bios of the players on the team?

These are just a few general tips for what to pay attention to when looking at the team’s roster.

While you can learn a lot from the roster there are also a lot of variables that you won’t know, such as, how the scholarships are divided, if the program is fully funded or not and if the coach is trying to increase or decrease the roster size.

Be sure you take a look at the roster but keep in mind that it does only tell you so much about the coach, team, and program.

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