I have another IGTV video that I’ve gotten quite a bit of feedback from so I wanted to share that one with you again this week. 

In this video, I talk about the question a lot of girls will ask as they navigate this process, “why her and not me?”. Many times a recruit will have a hard time understanding why another girl is being recruited or is given the offer. There are many tangible and intangible factors that coaches consider in who they recruit and make offers.

Some are within a recruit’s control and others may not be.
Some are based on being in the right place at the right time.
Some are based on gut feelings and instant connections.
Some are based on years of coaches knowing what is best for the team and the best for their coaching style.

Many times you can’t take it personally and get caught up in comparisons, but you can take a step back and look in the mirror to see if there are things you may need to do better to increase your chances next time.


You can view that HERE


Written by: Brandi Jackson, RecruitPKB College Consultant

For more information about college recruiting, please contact Brandi at bjackson@pkbgt.org