Even the best players in the nation face rejection when going through the recruiting process. There could be any number of reasons that a coach may not accept a player on their team. These reasons may have nothing to do with the player’s game or personality. When a player faces rejection, it is essential that it is handled properly.

Most importantly, a player should not take rejection personally and allow it to diminish their confidence on the golf course or beyond. Try to accept that the fit is not right and that it only takes one school to believe in you. Use the rejection to fuel your energy at practice/tournaments and strengthen the determination to find the right school

Secondly, when a player is turned down by a coach they still have to be respectful. It will only harm the player to respond harshly to the coach or say negative things about the school. Thank the coach for the feedback and then concentrate on ways to improve for other schools. When you are in college playing against the school that rejected you, play your best, and prove to yourself that you are good enough.


Brandi Jackson, RecruitPKB College Consultant

For more information about college recruiting, please contact Brandi at bjackson@pkbgt.org