Some insight from college coaches on what junior golfers can do beyond their games to prepare for college golf.

What else beyond their golf game can they do to better prepare for college golf?

“Time management is the biggest problem for Freshman. If you can start making a weekly schedule now it will help you when you get to college.” – Division 1 Women’s Coach

“Work hard in school. Take Honors and AP classes. The harder you work in high school, the easier it will be in college. You’ll have a better foundation and be less stressed about golf. You cannot work too hard in high school!!” – Division 1 Women’s Coach

“Academics! 9th grade means as much as 12th grade. The better your grades the better options you will have for scholarship opportunities.” – Division 1 Women’s Coach

“Improved interpersonal communications skills; modern technology has all but killed the ability for young players to hold meaningful conversations. Improved time management skills to help manage the year around golf schedule in college.” – Division 2 Men’s and Women’s Coach

“Fitness, get ahead on taking SAT/ACT, looking for academic scholarship opportunities, Having a good understanding of their equipment.” – Division 1 Women’s Coach

“Working out. Start working on golf specific stuff in the weight room on a regular basis.” – Division 2 Men’s and Women’s Coach

“Work hard in school and learn how to manage your time! I am more likely to recruit a player with a higher GPA and it will help you transition into college” – Division 2 Women’s Coach

“Do things for yourself: tournament schedule, set up golf lessons, email coaches, sign up for SAT, learn how to do your own laundry, etc. This will help prepare them for being away from home at college, no one will do things for them there”. – Division 1 Men’s and Women’s Coach

“Become stronger, independence–figure out what you want to get out of college golf.” – Division 1 Women’s Coach

“Time management and personal independence.” – Division 2 Men’s and Women’s Coach

“The ability to travel on their own and being mature is a great asset as they transition to college golf.” – Division 1 Women’s Coach

“Be organized. Stop relying on mom and dad to take care of things.” – Division 1 Men’s Coach

“Fitness. 36 hole days are brutal.” – Division 1 Women’s Coach

– Survey questions provided by Brandi Jackson Golf ( Responses do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Brandi Jackson Golf or the PKBGT.