Recruit PKB: Building a Resume

//Recruit PKB: Building a Resume

Recruit PKB: Building a Resume

Building a Resume

As the PKBGT continues to grow, many new players and parents begin to seek advice about the college recruiting process, so I wanted to take us back to some of the early stages of the process for the next several weeks and cover the basics of getting started.

Building a quality resume is one of the most important steps in the college recruiting process. While your game and on course demeanor will speak for itself out on the course, your resume will be the first insight a coach has into you as an all-around person.

There are many ways to create a resume ranging from a simple document version, your own website or utilizing an online resume service. I recommend players utilize the Junior Golf Scoreboard resume service because it ensures you have a completed resume and it will automatically update the majority of your results for you. Coaches aren’t concerned about how fancy the resume is, they just want the information to be accurate, complete, accessible and easy to navigate.

You don’t want a coach to have to go out of their way to find the information they need to know about you. Their time is very limited and valuable. You want to capitalize on the one chance you may have that a coach reads your email. If you have to resend a swing video, test scores or tournament results they may overlook that second email and never see it. If a coach has to open 5 different attachments to one email they may not take the time to look at all of them.

Also, you don’t want to send a coach on a manhunt to find all of your tournament results on 5 different junior tour websites. Building a quality resume that houses all of the information that a coach needs is crucial in beginning the college recruiting process.

Information for a resume:

  • Personal info: grad year, DOB, height, weight and a headshot
  • Personal statement: brief history and insight to you as a player, person, and student
  • Tournament results: tourney, score, finish, yardage and date
  • Stats: avg tourney score, avg drive distance, 7iron carry yardage, clubhead speed (if available)
  • Academic info: GPA, test scores, transcript if available, high school
  • Extracurricular activities: school groups, volunteer work, church, other sports, music, art
  • Achievements: awards, honors, milestones
  • Swing video: swing and short game clips
  • Contact info: player and parent email/phone
  • Contact info for a reference: swing or high school coach’s email/phone
  • Upcoming tourney schedule: if available

For assistance with building a resume and recruiting video click here. 

Or contact RecruitPKB College Consultant Brandi Jackson at

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