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During the PKB Open Championships, we hosted a Recruit PKB College Coach Panel where the ECU, UNCW, UNCG, Western Carolina, UNC-Pembroke and Catawba coaches all participated. I wanted to share a little insight about some topics that were discussed during the panel.

First, as many questions pertaining to the contact rules were asked during the panel I want to direct you to one of my blogs which addresses some of the important NCAA rules that you need to be aware of through the process. You can read them HERE.

Top questions from the panel:

“What are some of the mistakes you see players make?”

– Asking a coach to return a call or email when the rules don’t allow it
– Not identifying your full name and graduation year
– Always trying to call a coach in their office during the afternoon hours
– Parents that email the coach as the player

“What else besides scores do you look for with a recruit?”

– “Someone who is smart” – UNCW women’s coach
– “Someone who is coachable” – Western Carolina women’s coach
– “How you carry yourself” – ECU Women’s coach

Additional insight:

– “We are allowed 6 scholarships but not everyone has all 6 scholarships funded.” (in reference to the availability of women’s golf scholarships)
– Do your research on who would be leaving when you would start (is it a top player or a non-starter, how many seniors would graduate)
– “Keep your list big”

As you navigate the process always keep in mind that the player needs to be doing the work, not the parents. The coaches want players who are proactive, assertive and willing to speak up. They are looking for maturity and independence.

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