Want to know a little more about some of the PKB girls? Recruit PKB College Consultant Brandi Jackson caught up with some players and asked them 20 questions to find out more about them both on and off the course. This week we hear from Channing Hensley, a 2018 recruit from Wake Forest, NC.


1. What is your favorite club in your bag?
2. Do you have any pets?
2 dog children
3. Do you have any superstitions?  
My clubs can’t cross when I put them on the ground 
4. What is your favorite on course snack?  
Quest bars
5. What is your favorite golf course?  
Kapalua Plantation Course and Pine Needles
6. What do you want to be when you grow up?  
Professional. After that,  I have no idea
7. Who is your role model?  
Parents & Steph Curry
8. Who is your favorite professional golfer?  
Gerina Piller
9. What is your favorite color?  
10. What is your favorite subject in school?  
11. What are your hobbies?  
12. Do you have any hidden talents?  
I am really good at tripping over everything
13. If you could be any kind of animal what would it be?  
14. If you could have a superpower what would it be?  
15. Do you have a nickname?  
16. What is your favorite movie?  
Mission Impossible
17. Where is the best place you have visited?  
Maui, Hawaii & the Bahamas
18. What is your favorite song?  
You Can Call Me Al 
19. If you could change one rule in the game of golf what would it be?  
Divots should be considered ground under repair
20. Who would your fantasy foursome include (living or dead)?  
Gerina Piller, Adam Scott, Arnold Palmer