The official start of the NLI signing period kicked off this past week, which continues until next August for all 2021 recruits.

When you sign the NLI you agree to attend the institution full-time for one academic year in exchange for athletic financial aid for that academic year.

The NLI is a binding agreement between the student-athlete and the institution, whereas a verbal commitment is only between the student-athlete and the coach. So once you’ve signed the NLI, if the coach were to leave, you’re still legally obligated to attend that institution.

The NLI is technically a voluntary agreement but it is highly recommended to be signed and is signed by the majority of all student-athletes.

The NLI is ONLY signed by DI and DII student-athletes who are receiving athletic aid. If you are only receiving academic aid (or no aid at all) or you are attending a DIII institution then you do not sign an NLI.

Congrats to all of those who are signing NLIs and to those who are celebrating their commitments to play college golf.


Written by: Brandi Jackson, RecruitPKB College Consultant

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