First, we are going to assume the NCAA rules allow the coach to respond (current 2024 and 2025 recruits). Once that is established there are several reasons why you may not get responses with the most common usually being that you aren’t being realistic with the strength of the golf program.

But here are a few reasons why the coach may not be responding to your attempts to contact them:

1. The golf program isn’t realistic for your resume

2. Your academics aren’t strong enough for the school

3. It was a poorly written intro email

4. Your resume doesn’t have all the necessary info

5. They are done with your recruiting class

6. They are busy and just not focused on recruiting

7. They just simply aren’t interested or not seeking out new prospects

I know it’s very frustrating to not receive responses back from coaches, especially when you feel that you are being realistic. If you’ve sent several well-written emails, made a couple of phones, and had a qualified 3rd party provide a reference or make a direct referral then it’s probably best to move on or at least lower your expectations and focus on other options.

Written by: Brandi Jackson, RecruitPKB College Consultant

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