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PerformPKB: Making practice more effective, efficient and productive

My Why- To do everything I can to give every player the best opportunity possible to accomplish their dreams and goals. My belief is that helping a player involves the technical and mechanical aspects (including having the proper clubs), the physical, and the psychological (including strategy).   I believe strongly in the process of improving, and I believe this process is greatly enhanced by measuring and tracking progress in practice, non-tournament play, and tournament play.   I don't believe that there is one perfect approach for all players, but I do believe that players that develop deeper awareness of how to practice and prepare have a much higher probability of accomplishing their dreams.  I use this program to determine how a player can best utilize his/her time to improve. I created this program because I wanted to a better way to determine the relationship of practice, non-pressure playing, and [...]

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PerformPKB: How Should I Spend My Practice Time – Part 2

In Part 1, we analyzed how to measure your performance to provide context and data to develop a practice plan.  Knowing what to practice and how much time to spend in the different facets of the game particular to your scoring and shot patterns sets you up for success.  Now, you will need to understand the various different ways you can practice and what you can achieve with each type: We know the distances to practice, so we need to know how we should practice.  There are four main variations of practice; block practice, random practice, scrimmage (or game-like) and no purpose practice: Block Practice - Another way to think of block practice is technique practice.   Most golfers spend the vast majority of time in this area.   Block practice is needed, especially when you are making modifications to your technique.  You should avoid excessive block practice for [...]

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PerformPKB: How Should I Spend My Practice Time – Part 1

Practice is essential in improving, but most players fail to practice effectively or efficiently.  I look at data to help analyze how I can help improve a players practice.   Every tournament player that I coach I suggest them to use ShotbyShot.com, a statistical analysis program designed by Peter Sanders.  By tracking data, we receive similar data to what the PGA Tour players can get.  Through analyzation, we can track tendencies, in particular, knowing the distances they play the most strokes from. We coach a lot of tournament golfers; whether they are Tour Players, top amateurs, or junior golfers hoping to play in college, the goal is the still the same: they want to know how to improve so they can shoot lower scores in competition. To truly accomplish this, we must measure.  I have developed the Precision Coaching Program to measure practice similar to the way you [...]

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