My Why- To do everything I can to give every player the best opportunity possible to accomplish their dreams and goals.

My belief is that helping a player involves the technical and mechanical aspects (including having the proper clubs), the physical, and the psychological (including strategy).   I believe strongly in the process of improving, and I believe this process is greatly enhanced by measuring and tracking progress in practice, non-tournament play, and tournament play.   I don’t believe that there is one perfect approach for all players, but I do believe that players that develop deeper awareness of how to practice and prepare have a much higher probability of accomplishing their dreams.  I use this program to determine how a player can best utilize his/her time to improve.

I created this program because I wanted to a better way to determine the relationship of practice, non-pressure playing, and tournament playing.  I wanted to look at all aspects of the game, not just “what did you shoot”?  I believe that the proper understanding and use of analytics in golf can be extremely helpful in giving a player an advantage over players over players that are just guessing what to practice.  I want a player to be more effective, efficient, and productive in practice.   I want each player to be as prepared as possible when they play.   This is the essence of the Precision Coaching Program.
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About PerformPKB Player Performance Consultant, Robert Linville:
Robert’s passion is helping players achieve their golfing goals. As an instructor and coach for the last 30 years, he is driven to utilize all the tools available to help his players perform their best on the highest stages in the world.  A Class A professional in the PGA of America, Robert has gained the praise and respect of his peers as one of the finest golf instructors in the Southeast. Robert has been recognized as the Carolinas PGA Teacher of the Year and a Golf Digest “Top 10 Instructors in North Carolina”.  In addition, he has been a featured instructor on the Golf Channel Golf Academy Live program.