RecruitPKB: I Was Playing Well Until

"I was playing decent before I was talking to coaches. And when I started talking to them my scores went higher. I feel really stressed." - Prospective Student Athlete In many ways this is almost inevitable. No matter when you start the process, there is almost always going to be a shift in your mentality and expectations. Even if you have big goals of playing college golf at an early age, it’s difficult to avoid the added stress and pressure that the actual recruiting process can place on you. It is meant to be a learning, challenging, uncomfortable process that helps you decide a big piece of your future. For some recruits, the stress isn’t seen as much in their actual games bc they were able to get over stages of development prior to the process starting for them. For them the stress may come more in [...]

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RecruitPKB: Post COVID Recruitment Lanscape Video

The UNC Charlotte Head Women's Golf Coach, Holly Clark, joins RecruitPKB Consultant Brandi Jackson for a special PKB Experiences Virtual Event that coincided with the twelfth playing of the PKBGT Invitational on Friday. A pre-taped question and answer forum that included questions about the post COVID recruitment landscape and how to effectively use your time during the national recruiting dead period. RecruitPKB Virtual Experiences with UNC Charlotte Head Women's Golf Coach Holly Clark  

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RecruitPKB: Post-Round Conversations

I recently started a series through my newsletter called "My Two Cents" to share some advice and insight with parents of junior girls. This purpose is to share "my two cents" as having experienced being the daughter and golfer, but not being a parent myself. I have, however, spent 10 years consulting players and parents through their experience of playing junior golf, going through the college recruiting process, and as collegiate athletes, so I feel like I've witnessed a wide array of family dynamics to have a unique perspective. The car rides back home or to the hotel after a rough day on the golf course is dreaded by nearly every junior golfer to ever play the game. Even if you are the positive “keep your head up” type of parent or not one to get involved with your daughter’s golf game, it can still be [...]

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