The goal for most young female golfers is to move on to play varsity golf in college, however, that plan doesn’t always work out when the school of your choice and the golf program’s needs for a player like yourself don’t match up. If this does happen to you, it doesn’t mean you have to give up playing golf once you get to college.

The statistics on playing varsity golf in college aren’t exactly optimistic. According to the NCAA, only 2% of male high school golfers will play Division 1, and 3% for females. For students that don’t go to Division 1 though, there’s still plenty of options available. Division 2, Division 3, NAIA, NJCAA, as well as several smaller leagues provide a competitive outlet for students.

One option that is often overlooked is non-varsity college golf.

Club golf has grown tremendously in the last couple years in particular, with over 300 colleges now fielding a club golf team on campus. The governing body for club golf is the NCCGA (National Collegiate Club Golf Association). The NCCGA runs more than 100 regional tournaments each school year for non-varsity college student across the country, culminating in a National Championship each semester for the top club teams.

The NCCGA holds two tournaments per semester in each region across the country. The tournaments are 2-day, 36-holes, with scores ranging from 70-100+. Club teams can bring up to eight players, with the top five scores each day comprising the team score. Individuals are also welcome to compete if their school doesn’t have a club team.

Club golf can even be used as a springboard to playing varsity golf. The NCCGA has seen club golfers at Michigan State, West Virginia, and Florida move from club to the varsity roster in the last two years.

Outside of the competitive tournaments, club golf is also a great way for students to meet other golfers on campus. Most club teams have organized events throughout the school year, such as range sessions or fun trips to play golf.

For students that don’t play varsity golf in college, your golf career doesn’t have to stop there. Club golf is there to keep you in the game.


It doesn’t matter where you go to college, everyone can play college golf. Even if your college doesn’t have a club golf team, you can still participate as an individual in tournaments.  Does your college have club golf?

Please visit the NCCGA website and email the NCCGA Staff at directly with questions about the fall season.