No matter how good of a short game you may have, it never hurts to work on basic fundamentals. This ladder drill is a great way to work on consistency with your chipping. If you can’t consistently land the golf ball where you want to on the green then you are keeping yourself from maximizing your potential. There are several different ways to keep the ladder drill engaging and creative. Lay 3 or 4 clubs or alignment sticks a few feet onto the green. Leaving about 3 feet in between each one.

  1. Try to land a ball inside each space in a row going up the ladder, repeat coming back down. If you miss a space then start over. Repeat with a different club.
  2. Try to call which spot you want to land the ball in and see how many times you can successfully hit the correct spot in a row. Repeat with a different club.
  3. Land 3 balls in a row using 3 different clubs into one space. Repeat in the next space.