Over the next few weeks, I am going to share some coach responses from a recent survey I did to ask coaches their opinions. Please remember that coaches look for different things and have varying opinions, but I tried to compile some of the most common and relevant responses.

Question: What is your biggest piece of advice for young ladies going through this process?

Be open-minded

I would suggest that they not play tournaments strictly with a focus on college placement. It starts to feel like work and generally leads to worse results. Just play the game with passion and let the chips fall where they fall.

Stay open. Communicate. Network with players at schools where you want to attend.

Enjoy the process and don’t forget to be a kid and enjoy your time in HS. Too many show signs of too much stress and not enough enjoyment of the process and life in general. Also, show me that you actually love golf. And be your authentic self. You’ll find a place that you love that loves you.

Do some research of places to start to get an idea of what you like and don’t like about schools. Have some questions to ask us to keep the conversation going. Have some phone calls with people to get used to talking on the phone. Be yourself – don’t just spit out facts that mom and dad come up with.

Please be prepared on phone calls. We hate blocking off time for a ten minute call.

Consider all options, have an open mind, enjoy the process – you’ll remember it for a lifetime!

Make sure you find a school you love and would want to be at if golf wasn’t a factor, and really make sure you love the game because the amount of time you spend on it in college is much more than you do in junior golf

Keep an open mind during your search. We all have favorites, but that favorite might not actually be the right fit in the end. Brand names are cool too, but again, might not be the place you’re meant to be. Find a place you feel a good connection with and at the same time can make a positive impact in some way (with your teammates, the program, and the University).

Be patient and know that it will work out. Do your research on the type of school you want and create a list of must haves. Don’t email every school in the nation. Only the ones you identify as a school you would be interested in. Personalize your emails so the coach knows you are aware what school you are communicating with (ie. name the coach, list something about that golf team and state why you want that school and program)

Be consistent with communication even if you think it’s too much – we have a lot going on and it’s hard to keep up with who is where sometimes

Be patient. It is not an easy process and you will hear more NOs than YES’ most likely. Some coaches will not even respond as well.

Know there is an option out there for everyone. Be realistic in finding a team where you can contribute. Be persistent with coaches -they will pay attention when you demonstrate that you really want to go to their school, and honest if it is not a fit. Be consistent in your communication.



If you need any assistance please contact Recruit PKB College Recruiting Consultant Brandi Jackson at bjackson@pkbgt.org.