RecruitPKB: Tournament Schedule

//RecruitPKB: Tournament Schedule

RecruitPKB: Tournament Schedule

A very important step to remember is to email coaches with your upcoming schedule. Now that we are in full-time spring golf and the summer months are just around the corner it is a great time to do this. Coaches have no way of knowing where you will be playing unless you tell them. So, if you want them to come out and watch you play, make sure you let them know where you are going to be. Don’t wait until the end of summer to send them your results, make the opportunity available for them to come out and watch you play.

For 2019 recruits, coaches are able to reply to your emails so it may be a good question to ask if they plan to recruit at a tournament nearby that you are considering playing in. If you are a sophomore or younger you don’t want to ask questions in your emails because coaches can’t reply. Just send them your schedule through email and update them with any changes. If you are able to have a conversation over the phone or on an unofficial visit be sure to ask them what tournaments they plan to attend.

If you would like any help with scheduling and planning please contact Recruit PKB College Consultant Brandi Jackson at or by signing up for a Recruit PKB Package

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