One of the best takeaways a young player can get from Masters week is to watch the Masters on the Range coverage. If you don’t get a chance to watch, here are a few takeaways from how the pros warm up:

πŸ“Œ Most aren’t going to get too technical the morning of a tournament round
πŸ“Œ They focus on balance and tempo with their swings
πŸ“Œ They give themselves different lies around the practice greens
πŸ“Œ They focus on putting fundamentals, usually with a training aid or some tees
πŸ“Œ They take their time and focus on every shot they hit
πŸ“Œ They aren’t rushed or anxious

Your warmup is NEVER the time to get frustrated or in your head about not hitting it perfect or not feeling 100% confident.
It’s the time to accept what is going on that day, trust your abilities and not fight it.