Communication with coaches is so important during the recruiting process. Although coaches may not be able to respond to emails or call a player, it is still important for them to hear from the player on a regular basis. If you are not communicating with a coach, there is a possibility you are being left behind in the process.

Coaches may respond to an email of interest and ask a player to keep them updated with their tournament schedule and results. This means that it is absolutely necessary to update a coach with upcoming tournaments and the ensuing results. This not only shows the coach your level of play with the scores you are shooting, but also shows them the willingness to listen to their requests and write a well thought out email. Also, sending them a schedule of your upcoming tournaments may give them a chance to come out and watch you play.

There will be times in the recruiting process where a player will be taking a break from the game for a period of instruction, cold weather, or for mental well being. However, this is not an excuse to go for a few months or even weeks without contacting coaches. It is important to stay at the top of a coach’s mind in order to ensure that they do not forget about you when they are making their final decisions. Be creative in your communication with them. For example, research the school and comment on how the team is playing that season. Update them on your academic progress. Build a relationship with the coach!

Brandi Jackson

RecruitPKB College Consultant

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