As the spring and summer months creep upon us, many girls will be making their college decisions or kicking off the process on June 15th. It’s a very exciting time but also a time to take a few minutes to ask yourself some questions about what you want out of your college experience. It easy to get wrapped up in the lure of a school, the golf program, the facilities, and the athletic department. Coaches will do their best to impress you when you are on a visit. It’s part of their job to convince you that the school and golf program is outstanding. It’s your job to decide if it will actually be the best fit for you or not. Below are a few of the questions that every player needs to ask before making their final decision to play college golf.

  • Is your personality compatible with the coaches and current teammates?
  • Do you have the work ethic and desire that will be expected from the coaches?
  • Do you want to attend a golf program that is demanding and competitive or one that just competes?
  • Do you feel the coach is committed to helping you become a better player?
  • Do you feel the culture is a good match for your values?

Keep in mind, that these are just a few questions to ask yourself about the school before you make a decision. There are may factors to consider, if you have questions please reach out,