I get asked very often by my players when they don’t play well if they should still email the coaches. So here are my different answers based on their current status in the process.

If you’re in pretty constant communication with coaches then yes, go ahead and just own up to your rounds and make it easy for them to know how you played. Don’t make excuses but provide good insight into what you did well and what you need to work on, and how you plan to work on it. If conditions were tough then it’s ok to address that but don’t make that the primary focus. They know you’re going to have bad rounds and they would rather you be confident enough to own it and know you’re going to get better!

If you’re still at a point of just updates to coaches to generate interest (or it’s before communication is allowed on their end) then it’s not necessary to update them after every single tourney. If you have another tournament coming up in the next couple of weeks then it’s ok to focus on that and then give a recap of BOTH results.