In case you missed the most recent RecruitPKB webinar you can watch the full version at the link below. But I wanted to share just a few highlights that we discussed:

  • It isn’t always easy to help your daughter be realistic about her college golf options, but also continue to support her goals for dream schools. Try to find that balance with doing research on the programs and encourage her to keep her options as that will help her begin to build relationships and communication with coaches as her game continues to develop.
  • Let her create a resume and intro email with only your guidance and review, don’t do that for her. These are both skills she is going to need down the road, even in college, so she needs to learn them now.
  • Allow her to conduct the majority of the coach communications (emails, phone calls, and conversations) but it is ok at certain points to ask the coaches some questions and have more conversations about finances, expectations, and logistics.  And definitely plan for at least one parent to attend the visit. Coaches do want to get to know you as parents but ultimately it’s the relationship that is built between your daughter and the coach that will have the biggest impact on their decision.
  • Coaches are watching you as parents at tournaments so always keep that in mind!