As your daughter gets older it is extremely important to give her the freedom and independence to manage herself at tournaments.

Keep extra snacks and water for her. Carry extra rain/cold gear if needed. Help her prepare and provide reminders, but allow her to take ownership of her preparation, warm-up, and tournament round.

Just a few ways to give her the responsibility and freedom….

Let her decide when she wants to arrive at the course – give her the responsibility of time management for her warmup

Have her check in at registration if necessary – the more people and staff she can meet the more impressions she can make, and the more she has to speak for herself, the more confident she will be

She can double-check her bag for what she needs – she’s been playing golf long enough to know what she needs for each round. Just remind her to make sure she has what she needs.

Don’t hover while she warms up – let her warm up on her own, this is not the time for critique or last-minute lessons, just let her do her own thing

She can clean her own clubs as she warms up

Let her decide post-round practice – give her some space to decide what she wants to do after she is done playing

Again, as parents PLEASE continue to positively help your daughter at tournaments and show her ALL the LOVE and SUPPORT, but be aware of where too much assistance could become a hindrance to her taking ownership and responsibility of herself and her golf game.


Written by Brandi Jackson, RecruitPKB College Consultant. For more information contact via