As a 2025 recruit, the next few months do get very specific to each individual recruit and their situation but I want to share a few thoughts to guide you.

As you head into the start of junior year I’m sure you have some excitement as you wrap up the first summer of the recruiting process being active. For some of you, if you played really well this summer (as a general rule of thumb, you averaged under 75 in state and national tournaments), then you have potentially generated interest from the coaches who are actively recruiting 2025 recruits. If so you may be asked on some visits this fall and could even make your decision. Keep in mind, that it is a small percentage of all 2025 recruits who will make their decision this fall, so don’t stress if you aren’t in that phase of the process yet, many coaches aren’t even focused on 2025 recruits yet. As with the 2024 recruiting class, spring of junior year and summer heading into senior year will be a super active time of the process.

If you are taking visits this fall, make sure you prepare well for them. And if you do receive some offers make sure you don’t rush your decision. Consider all of your options, ask plenty of questions, and draw up a comparison list. Keep in mind, rarely does a recruit get all of their wants, and many times compromises must be made.

Yes, scholarships may have a degree of negotiability, but you have to approach that in the right manner. And the more offers you have, the more leverage you have to ask for additional financial assistance.

If you haven’t taken a visit where you are able to meet the team and spend some time with them then I suggest doing that before you make your final decision. This interaction can greatly influence your feelings about the team culture.

If you don’t have any visits planned or much coach communication going on right now, that is perfectly normal! I went through this process with a big group of 2024 recruits and they can attest that it will be ok and will work out in your best interest. For now, keep working hard on your game, expand your current college list, plan some academic visits, try to connect with the coach beforehand, and attend some college tournaments this fall. But most importantly, trust the process, and stay patient but proactive.

If you feel you are really lost then don’t hesitate to reach out for help!


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