Over the next few weeks, I am going to share some coach responses from a recent survey I did to ask coaches their opinions. Please remember that coaches look for different things and have varying opinions, but I tried to compile some of the most common and relevant responses.

Question: What do you look for and want to see regarding stats and data that a player can provide?

Course yardages from tournaments are helpful

Launch/speed/carry info is helpful

Clubhead speed!! Any trackman information with driver and 7 iron would be great.

Not too much. Clearly distance is a bonus, but mostly start with scoring.

Tournament results (good and bad). Trackman yardages (7i & Driver).

Scoring, yardages, a nice swing video

Again…simple basics. Scores, finish, tournament name, yardage. Kind of on the opposite of this…I actually don’t mind seeing Trackman/Flightscope type data. Especially if it shows how far they hit each club.



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