Over the next few weeks, I am going to share some coach responses from a recent survey I did to ask coaches their opinions. Please remember that coaches look for different things and have varying opinions, but I tried to compile some of the most common and relevant responses.

Question: What is the biggest red flag you see among the girls and/or the parents?

Too much focus on big name schools and parents too involved

Big turnoff to me if I sense that a profile is created and managed by a parent (parent email addresses, etc.). It’s important to see that the athlete is ready to step out as a young adult without parents hovering.

Parents taking over the process. They won’t be playing for us.

Too much parental involvement. And not enough excitement. Don’t be afraid to tell a coach you love their school if you love it. And we can tell if you are not being authentic.

Signs of lack of toughness (mom & dad doing everything for you, WDs from tournaments, constant excuses about bad scores)

PARENTS. Lying about your scoring average or leaving scores off.

Over involved parents, lack of self awareness from parents or student about their golf ability

When parents take over the conversation, when mom/dad carry their bag to and from the car

I watch everything…from body language on the golf course while recruiting, to interactions with parents (can be during a visit or while they are playing on the course). If a parent is overly involved in the recruiting process, it is usually a big turn off because it interferes with me getting to know the actual player. With that being said, there just needs to be a good balance of parent/coach interaction because I don’t think it’s fair for them to be completely shut out of the process either.

When the parents answer all of the questions in an in person meeting. When the parent is on the phone call. When the parents writes the emails. When a player is rude to their parents or rude to the people they are playing with. Bad temper or body language during play.


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