RecruitPKB: Being Honest With The College Coaches

As you get into the college recruiting process the hope is that you will have the opportunity to build a relationship with several coaches and eventually receive multiple offers. As this part of the process arises, there will come some concerns about what should you share with each coach and what is not in your best interest to share with them. First let's talk about how much the college coaches, as well as people like myself who are in this same segment of the golf business, know each other and talk amongst themselves. Many of the coaches have known each other for years, whether it be from their time as college coaches or as far back as earlier playing days. I spend a good bit of time staying in touch with and talking to coaches who I played against in college and professional golf. So trust me [...]

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RecruitPKB: Why You Should Contact 30+ College Coaches:

Let’s dive in and discuss 3 main reasons why you should contact at least 30 or more college coaches. I have this discussion quite often with recruits seeking advice because they don’t see results from their contact efforts. Typically when a recruit shows me a list of schools, the majority, if not all of them are unrealistic for the given recruiting timeline and they haven’t reached out to enough schools yet. While I am an advocate for having big goals to play at your dream school, you have to be cautious about what percentage of dream schools vs realistic schools you have on your list. This not only leads to a lack of coach interest, but it also creates a lot of anxiety and a decrease in confidence as you get mostly negative responses or just no response at all. One of the reasons I suggest contacting [...]

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RecruitPKB: Bad Breaks and Excuses

If there is one thing inevitable about every golfer, it's that at some point in time they are going to get a bad break on the golf course. It may be a bad kick, a divot in the middle of the fairway, a buried lie in the sand or a putt lipping out. Probably the most fun and exciting part of the game of golf is the amount of good and bad breaks that can happen during a round. There are so many elements on the golf course, that nature is bound to throw you a few "unfair" bounces and lies on occasion. Several years ago Jordan Speith had an incident when a camera or phone went off in his backswing from the greenside bunker during the playoff at the Shell Houston Open. Initially, he got upset but he gathered himself and went on to try and [...]

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RecruitPKB: Taking Time Off From Golf

I wanted to share a conversation I had with a young lady on Instagram a while ago. Her: What are your thoughts on taking a break from golf? I mean not picking up a club for two to 4 weeks? Me: I see absolutely nothing wrong with it if you feel like it’s needed and necessary. I would almost encourage it at some points through the process, especially if you’ve never taken a break like that before. Her: Thank you.  I just see other girls still grinding it out but I don’t want to get burned out. I just need to learn to focus on me and not have FOMO (fear of missing out). Thank you! Me: Yes exactly! Everyone is different. I promise that a couple of weeks off will not hurt you in the long run. There is no reason to feel like it should [...]

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RecruitPKB: Verbal vs. NLI

With some recent questions surrounding the NLI signing period, I wanted to do a comparison of the difference between a  verbal commitment and actually signing your NLI. A verbal agreement is not legally binding, however, the NLI legally binds a student-athlete (SA) to attend that institution for one academic year in exchange for athletic aid. While a verbal commitment can be made at any time after communication begins on June 15th prior to junior year, the SA can only sign the NLI during the designated signing period starting in November of the SA's senior year. A verbal commitment is an agreement between an SA and the current coach. The NLI is an agreement between the SA and the institution. Once the NLI is signed all recruiting discussions with other coaches must end. If an SA has made a verbal commitment and the coach leaves, the SA is [...]

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RecruitPKB: Handshake Tips

Making a good first impression on a coach (or anyone) is such an important skill to master. Start by practicing your handshake. Here are some tips: Smile: A big smile always makes a good first impression Hearty Hand: Firm grip but don’t overdo it Address: Address them by name if you know it. Or just introduce yourself by name and say “nice to meet you” Keep Eye Contact: Maintain good eye contact. Try not to look down or away. Smile with your eyes Enthusiasm Wins: Good energy and excitement to meet them. -Brandi Jackson, RecruitPKB College Consultant For questions or to schedule your free PKB 30 Minute Initial Consultation send an email to

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RecruitPKB: College Average Scores

I wanted to share a recent breakdown of the average scores for the 3rd player on a handful of DI and DII programs (data from and In order for golf programs to get better coaches need to replace no worse than their 3rd player if at all possible. And early into the process, they are going to have high expectations to get that with a recruit, especially their first offer with a large amount of scholarship money. Over time they may not get as strong of a recruit as they initially were hoping so that is where some patience in the process will allow you the opportunity to improve your game and potentially find options later. Also, one of the reasons I am sharing this is to show everyone how competitive programs are at the DI level and top DII level, these girls are good! [...]

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RecruitPKB: DII College Golf Insight

Do you think it's all about playing DI golf? Well, think again! The level of play at the top DII golf programs just might surprise you, along with the impact of those college coaches. Here two recent interviews from two of the best!   You will have a hard time finding a coach with more success than Brent Nicoson who has led the University of Indianapolis Men's and Women's teams to 13 conference titles, 10 regional crowns, and two DII national championships. He has been named GLVC Coach of the Year a combined 12 times. He is also part of four straight generations of Nicosons who have been a part of Greyhound athletics. Coach Nicoson shares with us his approach to coaching a top-ranked DII program and how he implements the 4 C's (Culture kid, Coachable, Consistent, and Competitor) LISTEN HERE Former college and professional baseball player [...]

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Recruit PKB: Learn From Others

As a young golfer, you can always learn something from other players, especially ones who have reached a level that you are aiming to reach. You can do this from the comfort of your own home by watching golf on TV. Watch the tour players go through their decision-making process and pre-shot routine. You will hear them assess the situation, pick a club and pick a specific target. Listen to the commentators when they say what clubs the players choose to hit around the greens and really watch how they play the shots. Watch how they handle bad breaks and bad shots. Another great way you can learn from better players is to go watch a collegiate tournament that is close to home. This is a great opportunity to not only watch the players but also the coach. Watch how they interact with each other and how [...]

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RecruitPKB: Why Her and Not Me Podcast

I kicked off season 5 of Tap Into College Golf this week with an all-new episode that I wanted to share with you. “Why Her and Not Me?” While you may not say or think those exact words it’s certainly a thought I know many of you have had at some point when you've seen a player post their verbal commitment or learn that they received the offer you were hoping to get from a coach. You may be asking yourself, "What did I do wrong?", "What did she do better?", "What can I do better?". Well in this first episode of season 5 we discuss 6 scenarios I've seen be the reason that a coach selects one recruit over another, and how you can be more aware of these aspects that may impact your chances of getting that college golf offer you've dreamed of. You can [...]

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