Listen up 2025 recruits… First, let me start by saying that it is very competitive and there are a lot of really good players. Plus there are a lot of really good academic girls. That’s a great thing!

Really good academic female golfers are not the exception, they are typically the rule. Again, that’s a great thing!

I know that may not ease the stress you’re feeling but it is just to state some truths which is what you have to at least accept first. Then you can face things head on knowing what you are up against and where you fit with the timing for the process. 

There are currently 251 girls in the 2025 recruiting class with a scoring differential below 1 on JGS. This group of players (plus some international recruits) has been the majority of the focus for coaches as they try to get the best players possible! 

Some recruits are getting those big full-ride offers, others are taking in-state offers where they receive mostly academic money to their dream school. So keep in mind that you don’t know what/why offers are made and accepted. 

This process still has a long way to go, there are going to be many many more offers, opportunities, visits, commitments, and so much more! Many coaches are waiting till spring and summer to even really start recruiting. Some will find themselves needing a recruit when they didn’t expect to recruit again.

And right now coaches are even shooting for the stars as well for what they are hoping to recruit! They want to get the best player possible and they are going to spend the most time and energy doing that first.

So you have to find a balance between staying patient with the process but impatient with your desire to get better. Don’t allow your friends committing and what you hear going on around you to affect your mentality. Your time will come. Only a small percent of the 2025 class has committed at this point.


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