Starting a new series.. “What you think you need vs what you actually need”

First up is the need to feel like you should be playing better-ranked tourneys in order to get recruited before you even learn how to win tourneys!

Yes, ultimately you have to keep pushing yourself by playing tourneys that are challenging! And you’ll hear from coaches at panels and forums that they are looking for certain types of tourneys and distances, and you’ll feel like you need to play those events if you want to play in college.

But if you skip an important step of player development which is learning how to win tournaments at different stages (local, state, regional, national) then you are going to struggle every time you get yourself in a position of leading a tourney or needing to finish a strong round.

So try not to get caught up in thinking you need to only play better-ranked tourneys bc of college recruiting when you still need to capture that feeling of sleeping with the lead, showing up to the range with the lead, teeing off as the leader, coming down the stretch with the lead, and giving that speech when you hold the trophy.



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