To follow up on my post just before Christmas, let’s address something else that happens and seems to be getting more common unfortunately. Yes, a lot of coaches will just ignore your emails.. Or they’ll start communication and suggest a call then you’ll find it hard to get that set up with them.. or a similar scenario with a visit.

Why does this happen?!?

Well, good question!

Honestly, sometimes the coach just doesn’t want to respond, harsh but true… you may even be a realistic recruit but they just don’t want to take the time to respond. Just that simple. They get a lot of emails and that is just not how they want to spend their time.

And there are times they just shift focus away from recruiting. It’s emotionally, mentally, and physically taxing to recruit so at times they just shut down recruiting to focus on the team and other things.

They may be adding your emails to a folder for when they restart the process.

They are truly just busy at times and don’t get a chance to respond

They may have other recruits ahead of you in the process and are using “stall tactics”

They may have missed your first couple of emails so make sure you try several times or use other means of communication if possible or a reliable person of reference to help you contact them

I know it’s frustrating to keep trying to get a response, especially if you feel it’s a realistic option for you. But despite all your best efforts you may never get a response. But keep trying for a while, seek some expert advice or a reliable reference to help you, then you may just have to accept that it’s not going to be the right fit for you and move on. Maybe come back after you’ve played well at some tournaments and see if that sparks some interest.


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