RecruitPKB: Negative Self Talk

Every time you hit a bad shot, have a bad hole, or make a mental mistake stop for a second and ask yourself this question. What would I tell my playing partners if they did the same thing? I highly doubt you would tell them “that was stupid” or “geez what were you thinking” or “you’re terrible”. More than likely you would tell them “it’s OK” or “shake it off” and not really have much emotion towards their shot. You may feel bad for them if they are having a rough day but you would never put them down or belittle their golf skills. So why do that to yourself? Why beat yourself up about a bad shot or mental mistake? Shouldn’t you be as quick to boost your own self up as you would be to do it for somebody else? We can all be our [...]

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RecruitPKB: Always Reply to the Coaches

So much of the recruiting process is a parallel between recruits and coaches. It amazes me how many times I hear players get frustrated because a coach never replies back, yet when a coach at a school they're not interested in emails them, they won't reply to them. Yes, the coaches are the adults and have more experience in the recruiting world, but they're human too and get frustrated when they email a player and never get a response.  Just as you would rather at least get a response, even if it's a "not interested" one, so would the coaches. It takes less than 2 minutes to write a polite response. So if a coach sends you an email and you're 100% not interested then just let them know you don't think it's a good fit for what you are looking at with golf and school. If [...]

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RecruitPKB: Manage and Improve Coach Communications

This past week I hosted a webinar about Managing and Improving Your Coach Communications, we had some technical difficulties so I ended up having to just record a video segment instead of hosting a live version. But I wanted to share that with all of you. Hopefully, you will find some helpful tips! CLICK HERE   If you would like more information about the college recruiting process please contact RecruitPKB College Consultant Brandi Jackson at  

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RecruitPKB: What is Confidence

"Confidence is the knowledge that I can give my best effort regardless of circumstances" - Ben Bergeron After hearing this definition of confidence on a podcast I listen to it got me thinking about the real meaning of confidence. But what catches my attention in this quote is the use of the word "knowledge". Typically the words faith and belief are used when defining confidence but I believe the use of the word knowledge is what defines true confidence. According to the Merriam-Webster definition of knowledge, it is "the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience". As opposed to the definition of belief, "something that is accepted or considered to be true or honest" and the definition of faith, "something that is believed especially with strong conviction".  Having faith and belief in yourself are almost these vague words to give you the [...]

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RecruitPKB: Top 125 DI Collegiate Averages

While this process has a great deal of subjectivity to it, I've come to appreciate data and numbers more over the years. This is a chart compiled of the average scores for the 2021-2022 season of the top 125 DI programs (through the end of March). This shows the scores of the 4 players who count for each tournament. Typically collegiate tournaments at this level are played from approximately 6000-6200 yards in fall, later winter, and early spring conditions. Many times you will hear a coach say they are trying to recruit in order to replace their #2 or #3 players on the team, this is how they get better from one year to another. Yes, many times by the end of the process some coaches won't get that caliber of player, or may only get one and have to take more of a chance on the [...]

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RecruitPKB: More Than Your Score

"MORE THAN YOUR SCORE" Never forget that you are better, bigger, brighter, and bolder than your score. Your score is just.... a number. a tally of golf shots. a total of drives, GIRs, up and downs, and putts. You are the sum of... all the hard work, dedication, and commitment to getting better all the hours practicing by yourself all the late nights studying all the effort in the gym all the putting drills till dark all the range balls till your hands hurt all the tournaments, practice rounds, long car drives, and weather delays all the wins and losses all the friends made You are more than your score   If you need any assistance please contact Recruit PKB College Recruiting Consultant Brandi Jackson at

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RecruitPKB: Why Won’t The Coach Reply?

First, we are going to assume the NCAA rules allow the coach to respond (current 2022 and 2023 recruits). Once that is established there are several reasons why you may not get responses with the most common usually being that you aren’t being realistic with the strength of the golf program. But here are a few reasons why the coach may not be responding to your attempted to contact them: 1. The golf program isn’t realistic for your resume 2. Your academics aren’t strong enough for the school 3. It was a poorly written intro email 4. Your resume doesn’t have all the necessary info 5. They are done with your recruiting class 6. They are busy and just not focused on recruiting 7. They just simply aren’t interested or not seeking out new prospects I know it’s very frustrating to not receive responses back from [...]

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RecruitPKB: Reflection of 2021

At the start of the new year, I shared with you some things to consider reflecting on from 2021 in order to then plan for 2022. I had all my clients do this assignment, this week I wanted to share some of the most common and most insightful responses that they shared with me. What sentence or phrase sums up your 2021? "A rollercoaster" "Hard work works" "Frustrating but making progress" "Improvise. Adapt. Overcome." "You learn more by losing than by winning,"   What is the biggest challenge you overcame this past year? "Balance between school and golf" "Online school" "Getting back up even when I wasn't seeing the progress" "Letting go of all the negative thoughts I had about my game" "Recovery from surgery/injury"   What was the single biggest time “waster” this year? "Doubting myself and thinking I couldn't" "Not working on my mental game" [...]

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RecruitPKB: College Player Feedback Part 2

"Any young girl starting this process should know that, like anything, it takes practice to be comfortable emailing and talking to coaches, so don’t beat yourself up. I remember physically shaking before my first phone call! Do your best to prepare, which is all that you can ultimately control, and learn from every experience just like you do on the golf course." - Allie Kantor 2021 Recruit - UVA Class of 2025   The recruiting process certainly has a way of making you feel uncomfortable, but so does your golf game, college golf, and life in general. Learning to prepare for the steps in the recruiting process is vital to successful communication with college coaches. Those first emails when you hit send and first phone calls with a coach will make you a bit nervous and scared. But the more you learn, prepare and plan for each [...]

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RecruitPKB: College Player Feedback Part 1

"I would say my least favorite part of the recruiting process was the very beginning. It was difficult for me to stay motivated at that point when I wasn’t seeing those immediate responses from coaches or a lot of immediate results. But as I learned, it is a long process, and it was definitely worth the patience and time I put in in the end." - Megan Morris, Freshman at Rhodes College   For those who may feel like the process isn’t going as you imagined or you aren’t seeing the results from your work, just remember to stay focused on your efforts. The timeline and end goal may look very different than what you’re anticipating right now, but if you are committed and persistent then it is going to work out as it should. It requires a lot of trust in the process but also not [...]

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